Crayfish_Corps_CropAt Green Valleys Watershed Association, focusing on the health of our watersheds has been our mission for 50 years.

We are located in northern Chester County, Pennsylvania, where our scenic watersheds are comprised primarily of Exceptional Value (EV) and High Quality (HQ) waters.  These streams are in the top tier of streams in Pennsylvania.  They are a precious resource.

In 1964 the founders of Green Valleys Watershed Association first came together to protect the French Creek watershed from a proposed water reservoir which would have had severe environmental impacts. Within eight years, we had expanded our protection area to include the Pickering Creek, Pigeon Creek, Valley Creek and Stony Run watersheds.

(2011) Members of Girl Scout troops and St. Matthew Lutheran Church planted trees at Griffith Farm near Ludwig's Corner, at the headwaters of the Birch Run.

(2011) Members of Girl Scout troops and St. Matthew Lutheran Church planted trees at Griffith Farm near Ludwig’s Corner, at the headwaters of the Birch Run.

Green Valleys serves the population of northern Chester County.

Within the 155 square miles of watershed area are more than 148,000 residents, 17 townships, 3 boroughs, and 5 school districts.  Throughout our history we have worked with citizen groups, other nonprofits and local governments to carry out our mission through education, science, advocacy and stewardship.  A broader effect of our work is that it fosters increased awareness of the interdependence of our quality of life and the health of our watersheds.  This inspires individuals and groups to think and act in environmentally sound ways.

Green Valleys Watershed Association at Welkinweir provides a wide range of programs and services related primarily to the preservation of watersheds and the environment.  Programs are offered for children and adults through schools, scout programs, summer camps, on-site programs and more.  We also hold community events related to the environment and watersheds.

Our home, Welkinweir, is the 197-acre oasis of natural beauty created by organization founders Grace and Everett Rodebaugh.

At the center of the property is a 55-acre arboretum and historic estate house, while the balance of the property features ecologically diverse wetland, meadow, and woodland habitats. The property is a living laboratory for the study of ecological issues, sustainability, and land stewardship. It offers inspiration and education for visitors and community members. Through the use of this property we provide education programs for students in pre-K through college, adult education, volunteer opportunities, conferences and family events.