2016 Annual Appeal

Thanks to you, we have exceeded our year-end goal!

beaverrun-3500_edit_1619-smallYour contribution to our 2016 Annual Appeal will directly support each of the following initiatives, and expand Green Valleys Watershed Association’s capacity to deliver programs in watershed protection, restoration, education, and science:

Science and Environmental Education Center Conceptual Design

We are initiating the master planning process to transform our existing education building to accommodate our growing environmental education and science programs.

Biodiversity Monitoring Network

We are collaborating with other conservation organizations to build a wireless network across Welkinweir’s natural areas that will enable us to track birds and other migrating wildlife, and contribute data to regional and multi-national research initiatives.

Open Space Additions

We are working to conserve land adjacent to Welkinweir. This land will permanently protect a segment of the Exceptional Value (EV) Beaver Run, and the trout and other wildlife that depend on it.

We are grateful for the generous gifts of supporters like you, who have helped us exceed our goal of $40,000!  Thank you!